Smart Runway Test Successful on First Flight Anniversary

oscar lewis newistAt the completion of flight tests for the Smart Runway Oscar Lewis said, “It works!” Lewis, the Smart Runway System patent holder, completed initial flight tests earlier today, December 17, 2014, at the Piedmont Triad Airport in Greensboro, NC. Today also marks the anniversary of the Wright Brothers ‘First Fight’ that took place in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903.

“The initial phase one flight tests proved to be a great success,” said Lewis. “The Smart Runway exceeded all flight and ground test demands during a week of evaluation.” Inventor and Systems Engineer Lewis, along with Courtney Crim, MD and a commercial pilot made history today when they flew five successful test flights throughout North Carolina. “Going forward, the Smart Runway will quickly become the new global standard for efficient runway design and operation in the 2nd century of flight,” said Lewis.

On this great day in aviation, Mr. Lewis and Dr. Crim flew into history. We should all honor these two distinguished African-American aviation giants for continuing the Wright Brother’s dream.